Born in Wales, UK in 1964, Alastair has always had a keen interest in motor sport.  His job as a tea trader/exporter brought him to Kenya in 1994 where he soon became involved with the local motor sport fraternity and is now one of the main committee members of the Mombasa Sports Club.

Alastair Cavenagh has almost become the yardstick against which others are setting their sights.

Following a learning year in a Datsun 1600 back in 1996 it was obvious right from the start that Alastair had a natural flair as a driver and continued to persevere through many disappointments before claiming his first championship victory in the 1998 Guru Nanak Rally.

The move to a Subaru Imprezza saw an immediate and dramatic change to his driving technique and style and it was not long before he was consistently finishing in the top 3 in every event.

Alastair won the Coast event - Super Special Spectator Stage in 1998 an accomplishment that he was to maintain throughout 1999, 2000 - in front of his sponsors WEC Lines, who have co-sponsored the MMC Coast Rally ever since Alastair's participation in the sport.

The Championship series covers 12 events providing the crews with a variety of routes across the country from the Kajiado Plains to the Coast and up to the highlands around Mt. Kenya and the farmlands of Eldoret.

1999 was Alastair's most successful season with outright victories in 3 of the 12 rounds of the series and a top 3 placing in 4 others.  Although it was a closely fought battle towards the end he emerged the 1999 Kenya National Rally Champion and was awarded an F.I.A. "B" seed as a result.

In 2000 it all looked to be going his way again winning the Nairobi based BP Visco Rally and the Shell Helix Eldoret rally early in the season.

Cavenagh was on a high and another championship victory seemed assured.  With the new found dominance came a driving confidence that expressed itself in setting the majority of the fastest stage times throughout the season!

His mount had once again been renewed after the Safari rally although he remained loyal to Subaru and the preparation of the car for each event was now in the hands of professionals.

A new engine management system had been installed and it seemed that he was unstoppable. 

Then bad luck set in as he failed to finish event after event falling foul to some unusual problems.

He would end the year 4th in the Championship but it had all been worthwhile having won in every other respect especially the experience gained for which the penalty had led to disasters as both his and the car's limits were explored and pushed to their limits.

Every rally from which Alastair Cavenagh retired in the 2000 season, he had been leading (often by significant margins) at the time of his retirement.


As a result of his sheer speed and commitment, Alastair Cavenagh is almost guaranteed to end up on the winner's podium in each event that he enters in Kenya.  His expert local knowledge of the stages coupled with the fact that he has the very latest machinery available which in turn is maintained by arguably the best rally mechanics in the country make Alastair and his team an extremely dominant force to reckon with.   Consequently, he can be confident of providing his sponsors with maximum publicity and beneficial returns for their investment.



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